The December 1968 issue of the Model Railway News marked the start of a series of over 20 articles and drawings by the Colonel Stephen's Society's President Les Darbyshire over the next 3 years.  The first drawing was of the new locos supplied for the opening of the K&ESR, then known as the Rother Valley Railway, Nos. 1 and 2 Tenterden and Northiam.

Article copied with the kind permission of Les Darbyshire who gives the following health warning that extra information that has turned up in the last 40 years means that some inaccuracies have been found.  The most serious is the Pickering railcar, which is over a foot wider than the drawing shows.

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June 71, Part 26 Light Railway Modelling, East Kent Railway No. 6, ex LSWR Adams Radial Tank 4-4-2T, [now preserved at the Bluebell Railway, Kent).  Cover shows Gazelle of the Shropshire and Montgomeryshire Railway as preserved by the army in the 1960's.

Feb 71, Part 24 Light Railway Modelling, Shropshire and Montgomeryshire Railway 0-4-2T Gazelle, [now preserved in the Colonel Stephens museum at Tenterden, Kent and East Sussex Railway]. 

Jan 71, Part 23 Light Railway Modelling, Kent and East Sussex Railway Miscellany, including the ex North london Railway passenger brake van. signals, halts and a water tank.

Dec 70, Part 22 Light Railway Modelling, Weston, Clevedon & Portishead Railway No. 4, Sharp Stewart 2-4-0T Hesperus, ex Watlington and Princes Risborough Railway, ex GWR No. 1384.

Jan 69  Light Railway Modelling 2,  K&ESR 2-4-0T Tenterden by Les Darbyshire

Feb 69 LRM 3, Rother Valley, (K&ESR) Coach No.1Hurst Nelson 4 wheeler  

by Les Darbyshire

March 69 LRM 4, Rother Valley, (K&ESR), Goods Brake Van no. 7 or 8 by Les Darbyshire

April 69 LRM 5, K&ESR Rolvenden Station plan and buildings by Les Darbyshire

MRN May 1969 Light Railway Modelling Part 6 Rolvenden Loco Shed

June  1969 LRM 7 The Railcars

 July   1969 LRM 8 S&M No.2 "Severn"

   August  1969 LRM 8 Tenterden Town Station

MRN Sept 1969  LRM part 10 LSWR Ilfracombe Goods as built, East Kent Railway 

MRN Oct 1969 LRM part 11 Rebuilt ex LSWR Ilfracombe Goods, K&ESR and S&MR

MRN Nov 69 LRM part 12 Ex LSWR 4 wheel coaches for K&ESR.

MRN Dec 69 LRM part 13 K&ESR 0-8-0T "Hecate"

MRN Jan 70 LRM part 14 Pickering bogie coaches, K&ESR, EKR

MRN Feb 70 LRM part 15 K&ESR 0-6-0ST no. 8, ex GWR 1380 "Ringing Rock"

MRN March 70 LRM part 16 K&ESR Pickering 4 wheel steam railcar and note on livery of No. 8 on page 171 missed out in previous month.

MRN April 70 LRM part 17 WC&PR bogie American coaches

Model Railways News May 1970 Letter on K&ESR liveries.

MRN June 1970 Light Railway Modelling Part 17 Ex LSWR Beattie Saddleback 0-6-0ST K&ESR No. 4 and EKR No. 7.

MRN July 1970 LRM Part 18 Selsey TramwayManning Wardle 0-6-0ST "Sidlesham".

MRN August 1970 Letter from the late Roger Kidner on K&ESR liveries.

MRN Sept 1970 LRM Part 20 Selsey TramwayManning Wardle 0-6-0ST "Morous".

MRN Nov 1970 LRM Part 21 Selsey Tramway Peckett 2-4-2T "Selsey".

MRN for Sept 1955 there is an illustrated three-page article by John H Ahern 'Modelling the Kent & East Sussex Railway'.         

Model Railway News March 1971 :- Light Railway Modelling Part 25 - Gazelle's Trailers by Les Darbyshire