Photograph showcase

7mm model of a Black Rock Quarries PO wagon from the WCPR. I have now weathered it, using as a guide a photo enclosed with model by Antics models. What attracted me to it was the nicely painted replacement plank which sticks out like a sore thumb against the rest of the dust covered wagon. I have  attached a copy of the photo that came with the model and a shot of the weathered version destined for the CSR Museum at Tenterden, when I can get there.

Ross Shimmon

The East Kent Railway Opens June 2021 Dana Wiffen

The train at Eythorne Station

The colliery hoist at Eythorne

Shepherdswell Ticket Office

Eythorne signall box with steam loco behind.

Old and New-The Loco is getting ready for the next run, while a new arrival Pacer sits behind it at Sheperdswell Station