Progress at Robertsbridge on the RVR


Following the completion of the five new and restored bridges between Robertsbridge Station and  Northbridge Street, track laying has continued in earnest.  The aim is to complete the necessary lines and pointwork on land owned by the Rother Valley Railway.  At the time of writing the running line has been laid between the site of the first level crossing and Station Road.  Extra lines will be as follows:

·         A run-round loop from bridge no. 1 to Station Road

·         A siding into the proposed 6 carriage shed to be laid opposite the new platform and parallel to the running loop

·         A proposed connecting link from the running line to the Network Rail engineer’s siding in the bay platform

·         A line to a locomotive shed from the link line referred to above

Seven turnouts will be installed in regard to these works, two of which have already been completed.

A New Station

The exciting news, in addition to the return of track to the site, will be the construction of a new station in the near future.  This will consist of:

·         A single 5 carriage platform

·         A station building, approximately in the style of Tenterden Station

·         A 6 coach carriage shed

·         A locomotive shed

·         A new brick built water tower

·         The installation of a water column which was originally sited at Shrewsbury Abbey Station

·         The restoration and installation of Hawkhurst Signal box

Architects drawings are attached in regard to the latest developments.