RVR Work in progress

Bridge span being loaded on to lorry to move alongside placement position - Mark Yonge

Bridge span being lowered on to the abutments of Bridge No. 4 - Mark Yonge

Some last minute adjustment at Bridge No. 4 before deck is lowered into place - Mark Yonge

The Western abutment of bridge No 1 exposed and receiving strengthening with new concrete and steel work.  Note the method of construction by use of concrete blocks that were levered into position.  The excavated working platform is at the bottom right hand side of the picture. (Mark Yonge)

September 2012

Track laid next to the early water tower near Northbridge Street; partially constructed by Bill Austen but never completed. - Mark Yonge

Bridge No. 3. Complete with a view of Hodson's Mill in the background - Mark Yonge

No. 1. Track partially laid  - Mark Yonge

BELOW Four photographs taken at Robersbridge in July 2013. Full details can be found in "The Colonel" 112