Selsey Tramway

4 wheel coach ex London Chatham & Dover Railway

7mm (1:43.5) & 4mm (1:76) scale

This Steam And Things kit is for a 4-wheel coach that was originally built by the London Chatham and Dover Railway. The coaches went over to The (Hundred of Manhood and) Selsey Tramways about 1921, and this is the main thrust of the kit. On "The Selsey" they were put to good use, but then eventually rotted away in a siding (along with a greater proportion of HMST stock) to be finally scrapped about 1935

These coaches are of standard LC&DR design stock of the 1870s and 1880s. Before 1880 dimensions were usually 25ftx8ft6ins and after 1880 the size changed to 26ftx8ft. Initially when built the coaches were unbraked, with Westinghouse gear added in the 1890s. In LC&DR days oil lighting was standard. Vacuum brakes were fitted by the SE&CR and some vehicles were fitted with electric lighting. By 1910 - 1925 most vehicles had been withdrawn, with only a small number going through to SR days and renumbered. Some of these were modified for the Canterbury & Whistable line in 1921.

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