Weston Clevedon & Portishead Light Railway


7mm (O) 1:43.5 and 4mm (OO) 1:76

The machine was in reality a Fordson tractor that ran on large diameter wheels. Drive was by chain an sprocket and the engine a standard water cooled unit. The large windowed box cab was installed after arrival at the WC&PLR

The primary use for the tractor was for shunting on the wharf line at Wick St. Lawrence and on the jetty, which presumably would not take the weight of a standard locomotive

This rail tractor was built by Muir-Hill Service Equipment Ltd. in 1926 for the Weston, Clevedon and Portishead Light Railway. It replaced an earlier unit that was destroyed in an accident.

The tractor was sometimes photographed with a small wagon, maybe a match truck or barrier wagon of some sort. This is included in the kit.

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