The Colonel Stephens Society

In the early decades of the last century, Colonel Stephens engineered, built and managed a unique empire of branch line railways up and down the country. They were built and run on a shoestring, mostly in accordance with the Light Railways Act of 1896. Each had its particular character as well as a distinctive family likeness that included remote locations, second-hand rolling stock and, towards the end of their often brief lives, a down-at-heel charm. They have always attracted the interest of railway enthusiasts, and now there is a society dedicated to feeding and exploring that enthusiasm.

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In the light of the worsening coronavirus outbreak and the latest government advice, the CSS committee have reluctantly agreed that it would be prudent to cancel the Annual General Meeting and Members' Weekend scheduled to take place at Beamish and Tanfield on June 13-14 2020.

Subject to further developments, we hope that it may be possible to arrange something at a later date.

For further information please visit the society web page or email any of the committee members.